Monday, January 10, 2011

Missionary Spirit

It sounds like a very eventful week. Tell Xane that he will get his chance in a few years. It is exciting being on a mission, I admit. Lots of interesting things happen that you wouldn't think about before hand. Anyways, missionaries are always up for interesting meals. It is part of the nature of a missionary I suppose. I havent had anything too weird yet in Te Awamutu. Just curry.

Anyways, I have a few experiences that I thought you would enjoy. The first being that of last monday after p-day ended. We had an awesome lesson at the visitors center in Hamilton with an investigator. We watched the Joseph Smith movie which was of course wonderful. After that the spirit was so strong in the room that we set him for baptism. He wouldn't give us a date though so we had to wait until tuesday. Monday night we had a trade off and of course I was in Te Awamutu taking the lead. It wasn't too bad and we did set our investigator for the 12th of February. His name is Dave and he is in his forties I believe.

Anyways, the week went on and we had a lesson on thursday with two people we already had set. We asked the cousin along and she came to. We had an amazing lesson on the atonement and we set the cousin for baptism as well. Her name is natasha and she is set for the 29th of January. To end off the week yesterday, we had 9 investigators at church. All five that were set plus 4 others. It was awesome. Then after church we met with two girls (8 and 9) that were a referral from the sister missionaries in Hamilton. They are awesome and have been to church twice before in Hamilton.That means we have four other people that are available to be set for January and if not January then definitely February.

The work is moving along and it is as exciting as ever. Mission President Interviews are this Wednesday so I hope all goes well with those. I am just hoping to get out of there without a hint of leadership next transfer. There is always hoping right.

Love you all tons,
Elder Beckstead

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