Monday, December 20, 2010

Transfer to Te Awamutu - New Companion (Elder Mayer)

Kia Ora Mother and Dad,

This week has been crazy. The week started out with a sick companion. I had to trade off with one of our recent converts of 3 days and drop elder Tham off at a members place for the day. He has tonsilitis or however you spell it and couldn't speak very well at all on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a good day and we got a lot accomplished. Then on Wednesday, we got transfer calls. I had been in Gisborne for 3 months and elder tham for 4 1/2 months so everyone thought he would leave. Not the case. I got the call to transfer up to Te Awamutu and Elder Tham is once again training for the last transfer of his mission. All of our recent converts were sad especially the Maats. So, Wednesday and Thursday morning were spent saying goodbye to everyone. Thursday afternoon we hopped in the car and drove up to Auckland. It was raining and of course no tarp, so my suitcases got wet. Luckily everything inside was ok. We had transfers early Friday morning and I met my new companion Elder Mayer. Then we had mission conference which was half conference and half Christmas get together. It was quite good.

Friday night we headed off to my new area. I am in the Hamilton Zone and in the Temple View District. My companion is the District Leader and our district meetings are in the Visitors Center. We are supposed to do temple lights this week so I will tell you how that goes next week. Everything with the move has been great and I did receive the packages. Thank you for everything and I am looking forward to opening the gifts on Saturday. Thanks again for the emails mom and dad. They are great and I love to hear from you.

Ok about that phone call. I will plan to call you at about 2 pm New Zealand time on Sunday which is about 6 pm on Christmas day your time. Sorry about it being so late but I have church until 1 on sunday. I will call the work phone first and hopefully that works. Have it all set up by 5:30 at the latest just in case I get home early. Can't wait to talk to you.

Love you tons,
Elder Beckstead

P.S. That is the most chocolate I have ever seen in my whole life. It is going to take me forever to eat it all and I will probably be taking it to district meeting as well. Thanks again. Oh and the pants both work. Now I just have to wait to use them. We have a car in my area now so we don't have to ride in the rain so they will be perfect for winter. Thanks and love you.

P.P.S. Thank everyone else again as well for me. Grandma and Grandpa, the kids, mum, and the Smiths. Thank you thank you thank you

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything is good!

    Just in case anybody is wondering, Te Awamutu is about a 5 hours drive from Gisborn according to Google Maps.