Thursday, December 16, 2010

News for 2nd week of December

Sounds like an eventful day at the least. Also eventful in the basketball season. Besides not being able to play the piano very well and aching now and then the finger is fine. Still bent but nothing I can do about it so yep. Nah, I would rather spend the money used for surgery on money for my mission. Good luck with the decision for Xane.

No I still haven't met Elder Levin but I haven't met very many of them. Also, he might be in the Wellington mission. I will let you know about when I am in Auckland. Transfers is this week and we find out on Wednesday.

I also wanted to ask about the phonecall as well. Let me know what time on Christmas eve and which phone number I am calling. It has to be just a phone call not skype unfortunately. Sorry dad. It will be Christmas eve for you so let me know when for sure and then the phone number as well. We will finalize that next week.

This week was very long. I was sick all week with a variety of different things and am still sick today. It started as a cold. Then I lost my voice for three days. Then I had no energy and a really bad sore throat and now it is back to a cold. I don't know what is wrong with me. Neosporin did not work this time and yes I did try it. But we did get three baptisms accomplished. The fourth is now pushed back to April so probably I wont be in Gisborne. Nothing else significant happened this week though so now it is transfers week and we will see how that goes.

Love you all tons and thanks for the emails.
Elder Beckstead

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